Disaster A Day Contest at Suvudu: Free Crap!

So the giveaway over at Suvudu has officially started, and you can enter by leaving a comment there to win free copies of the book and other prizes! But that’s not all: For the next five days, they’ll also be posting modified short excerpts from the book. They’re not full chapters or anything, but they’ll definitely give you a sense of what it’s all about. The first of those is up today, and it’s about sterility.

That’s right: The end of the world may start in your balls.

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Sample Chapter up at Cracked

I’m sure most of you are actually coming from there, but for those of you who have stumbled across this site at random – probably by typing ominously worded death threats into Google Search – there’s a sample chapter for the book up at Cracked! Go here to read all about the bacteria that almost gave you unlimited free liquor! Oh, and also would’ve killed your entire family. But free liquor! If you’re feeling so inclined and like what you see, you can Digg that article right here.

Also, at last check the book was #281 on Amazon! That’s friggin’ awesome. Thanks, you guys! I hope you all like it when you get it, or that you at least get some sort of crippling disease that prevents you from telling anybody that you didn’t like it.

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EIGTKE Officially Ships on 4/6

But people are already getting it now!

A lot of people have had it for a while, and more seem to be getting it daily. If you’ve received a copy in advance, feel free to leave a comment here. Tell us which retailer you used and what region you’re in; I’m hoping to assemble some sort of release-breaking algorithm that will net us all free books, money, and possibly women or at least some sort of book-based superpowers.

My plan is ill-defined, as you can see, and that’s why you should help!

If you haven’t pre-ordered it, just click on any of those buttons up above to get your copy. Only attractive people are allowed to purchase copies, however. But you can’t tell if you’re one of them until you hit ‘check out.’ Owning a copy of Everything is Going to Kill Everybody is like a portable symbol that tells everybody yes, you are officially considered aesthetically pleasing. It’s a Sex Badge!

Also feel free to post first impressions for people coming here that may still be on the fence. I am assuming these will be positive impressions, because the book is just so, so awesome.

You guys, really: Awesome.

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