About the Author

Robert Brockway is an editor and columnist for Cracked.com. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his fiancee Meagan Kennedy and their two dogs, Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh. He has been known, on occasion, to have a moustache.

You can contact Robert at brockway.robert at gmail.com, or find more from him on:

I Fight Robots


18 Responses to About the Author

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  2. Trenton Stahl says:

    Hey Robert. I bought you books from Amazon and it’s shipping now.

    Just thought you should know, though, that your link in this post to IFightRobots.com is dead.



  3. Chazz says:

    Sir! Just finished your book! Loved it, man! Up until now the only book that scared me (despite all of Stephen King’s noble attempts) was The Hot Zone (about all those labs with microscopic hyperkillers.)

    Now I can add Everything is Going to Kill Everybody to that short list. Thank you so much. As I said in my blog/vlog review, that’s the scariest shit that will ever make me laugh, too.




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  5. I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

  6. Rohan Ivey says:

    (I apologize for contacting like this, but I couldn’t find contact info anywhere else on the net.)

    I love your work on Cracked, and I’d like to speak with you about a humorous media campaign. If you’re interested, please reply to the e-mail address I’ve provided.

  7. Dennis Zach Hansen says:

    I’m the kind of person that have read 1984 about seventy times, and fear greatly for my freedom of thought. Now I’m reassured that we’ll most likely all be dead before a dystopian future like that happens.

    Thank you Robert.

  8. Ian Bailey-Harris says:

    Hi Robert,

    I love your writing. I have been trying to contact Cracked to write for them but the method they describe in order to do so does not work. It’s like writing to your Congressman. Could you please send me in a direction that will be helpful. If you want you could just ignore this post it’s not like I would stalk you or threaten to eat your spleen.

    Ian Bailey-Harris

  9. Jamie Yung says:

    Hello Mr. Brockway,

    I am the speech and theatre teacher at Lexington High School in Lexington, MO. We compete in forensics competitions, which include a readers theatre event.

    In readers theatre we perform a 25-30 minute piece as a group. This year we are compiling a script about the end of the world. We would like to include a small part of the introduction from your book EVERYTHING IS GOING TO KILL EVERYBODY in our compilation because it is hilarious!

    This performance would be for contest only, no tickets are sold.

    If you could please contact us by email and let us know if this would be acceptable, we would greatly appreciate your time.

    Thank you for your consideration!!!!

    • rbrockway says:

      Absolutely! Finally, a request for something I actually own copyright for. Friggin’ sell tickets if you want! Just let me know how it turns out (I’d love to see a video if anybody thinks to take it).

  10. Ian Bailey-Harris says:


    I got through at the Cracked website. I am just receiving your message now. I am working on some ideas I think would be good. Love a free copy of your book. Would you mind if I bounced (briefly) a couple ideas off you?

    • rbrockway says:

      I don’t believe I offered a free copy of anything. And of course you can bounce ideas off of me — in the workshop. I’m one of the editors there, and will review any pitches you get ready for us. Best of luck!

  11. Ian Bailey-Harris says:


    Great to hear you are part of the process. I enjoy and admire your work. I am looking forward to purchasing your book. I’m elated that you are so approachable. Thanks for the direction.

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