About the Book

Just when you thought you’d accepted your own mortality…Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody is bringing panic back. Twenty illustrated, hilariously fear-inducing essays reveal the chilling and very real experiments, dangerous emerging technologies, and terrifying natural disasters that soon could – or very nearly already did – bring about the end of humanity.

  • Experiments in green energy like the HiPER, which uses massive lasers to create a tiny “contained” sun right here on Earth; it’s an idea that could save the world if it doesn’t consume us all in a fiery fusion reaction first.
  • Global disasters like the hypercane – a hurricane so large it could cover all of North America. Forget just destroying trailer parks; a hypercane would shoot them into space!
  • Terrifying new developments in robotics like the EATR, a robot which powers itself on meat – an invention in the running for “Worst Decision Made by Anybody Forever.”

In short, everything in here will kill you and everyone you love. At any moment. And nobody’s told you about it – until now.


18 Responses to About the Book

  1. autumn young says:

    I have to commend your fucking awesome writing style. I hate reading books(you know, bc it’s, like, totally, like filled with words) aside from my physician journals. I don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time reading crap that interests me about as much as excising and anal fissure(bc it’s lacking the awesomeness). I picked up your book in the import and after reading tree lines, decided to get it. On the plane, I was getting stared down by all the less awesome people with all their less awesome books. The old lady next to me kept trying to tell me about all her stupid old people problems, but thankfully, I was laughing so hard, i must of appeared to be insane. Thank you for making me smile. Best wishes when it starts raining flaming trailers from space.

  2. Ken says:

    This reply makes me want to get this book!

  3. Dannyboy says:

    Ken’s reply makes me want to possibly listen to someone’s review of this book.

  4. Anita says:

    Dannyboy, you make me want to see the humor in self-reference.

  5. Panaflax says:

    Anita, you make me want to google “self-reference”

  6. Dom says:

    WEeeeeeeeEEEEeeeeEEllllLLLll…. You know you make me wana shout!

  7. Ryan Warneke says:

    Panaflax, you make me want to Google what a panaflax is.

  8. adam says:

    what the hell is a warneke?

  9. StripperZoe says:

    Love your Cracked article, “the most efficient way to do everything.” Your hilarious style led me here. The EATR is awesomely terrifying. Maybe it could have practical applications, running on offal instead of costly electricity. Perfect for the chicken plant.
    PS, I wish I hadn’t googled Panaflax and Warneke. There are some funny people posting on your site.

  10. Mr Dante says:

    Listen, you call can’t be continuing this joke like this! You make me want to take it a step further…

  11. Joel says:

    You make me feel like a natural woman.

  12. Todd Trimmer says:

    You make me feel feeling until it feels like I felt felt.

  13. Greg Ellis says:

    You make it hurt so good.

  14. Liz says:

    You guys make me feel sane. Thanks so much, I appareciate that.

  15. alex kadabera says:

    ^ that.

    buying this book. lol

  16. Tid says:

    First off, love you brockway – total legend.
    But to all the people who commented – to you I owe a big lovin’ piece of love.
    This is one of the only intelligent comments sections, I think, like, ever on Internet – in it’s history ever…
    Thank you so, so much.
    You have all aced my day.

  17. Shrim says:

    How self-fulfilling is this book? Like, does it have sharp corners? Should I be more afraid to own it or not own it?

  18. William Hornstra says:

    Wow! This Book is reallly useful! I usede it for my Project on Tsunamis (Used the MegaTsunami part) read the rest of the book too and when i finished i shouted I DON’T WANT TO DIE! hilarious writing style and a good book for someone who falls asleep reading REGULAR non-fiction books

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