Retail Information

Everything is Going to Kill Everybody: The Terrifyingly REAL Ways the World Wants You Dead is sold at these fine retailers. Buy it now, because THEY don’t want you to have it! But it’s YOUR money and you’re not gonna let THE MAN tell you what you can’t buy, are you?!


Barnes and Noble




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6 Responses to Retail Information

  1. No kindle edition? 😦

    And I don’t even have a Kindle. I just read it on my iPad. But it’s gotten to the point where on the rare occasions I do read a book now, it’s usually on Kindle.

  2. Fles says:

    I just read this while I was on holiday – an excellent book, thanks very much. I shall recommend it to as many people as I can while we’re all still here.

  3. Tingler says:

    Incredible book. Funniest book I’ve ever read. Also, insanely informative.

  4. Joe says:

    I really loved this book. I was telling anyone who would listen about these fun scenarios of doom. I’m a teacher, and read it before we started on a geology unit. I wanted to use some excerpts from it, but couldn’t due to “language”. You should make a “Teacher’s Edition” of this book. I would totally use it.

    • rbrockway says:

      Well, I’m not the publisher on this one. I don’t have the authority to do that type of thing, but I don’t see any harm if you wanted to revise your own copy to make it suitable for minors.

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