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Everything is Going to Kill Everybody: The Terrifyingly REAL Ways the World Wants You Dead is sold at these fine retailers. Buy it now, because THEY don’t want you to have it! But it’s YOUR money and you’re not gonna let THE MAN tell you what you can’t buy, are you?!


Barnes and Noble




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EIGTKE All Up In Your Internet Grill

A piece I wrote about the book up now on the Huffington Post.

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Post-Tertiary Release Day Apathy!

The last of the daily book linkwhoring posts! Now the whoring will come at intermittent times, and only when something is actually going on that’s worth whoring about. Thank God I can go back to my normal life of sloth and debauchery and slothbauchery.

Here’s the final Powell’s guest blog on immortality, where we at last hit the big one: The complete cessation of the aging process. Here’s the final excerpt on Suvudu, about carnivorous robots that will eat us long before we get to the immortality stuff. And here’s a chat replay of the Q & A/winner announcement we did there today, if you’re a dangerous stalker and seriously want to watch me chat with strangers like a creepy voyeur in the bushes outside my window.

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Post Post-Release-Day Euphoria!

Shit, maybe I’m just bi-polar. The pendulum swings with every number that raises or lowers or simply stays the same for too long. At this point I think I’m more mathematician than author.

But enough dangerously unstable mood shifts – to the updates:

Day four of the Powell’s guest blog on Immortality is up here, and the new Suvudu excerpt regarding the Earth and how it “can’t stop hitting itself,” and this is the last day to enter their contest to win free copies and steal money right from my dang pocket!

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Post Release Day Depression!

Or perhaps it’s simply the lack of sleep and anxiety-driven heart attack swarms. But regardless of my whether or not my existence continues, there are still book updates! You can read the new Powell’s blog on immortality, partake of the new excerpt at Suvudu, and then, if you decide you like the book enough to get it but not pay for it, you can enter their contest right here and then burn in hell you cheap bastard.

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Release Day!

Everything is Going to Kill Everybody is finally on sale! It’s out!

I was starting to think this day would never come. I’m not sure if I’m more relieved, anxious, or just drunk. Probably all three.

If you haven’t bought your copy, you can still enter the contest on Suvudu for a free one the rest of this week, or read the new excerpt posted there if you’re still on the fence. Or you can try your hand at the Cracked Twitter Giveaway today only starting at around 12:30PST. There’s also a new article of mine up on Cracked, regarding mad science, vagina beams and suicidal robots. Finally, there’s a new guest blog on the subject of immortality over at Powell’s.

Whoring is hard work, y’all.

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First Day of Powell's Guest Blogs

The first day of my week of guest blogs is up over at Powell’s. This is just the intro, but the rest of the week will be all about immortality. Powell’s is our big local bookstore, and easily one of my favorite things about Portland. So this is a pretty big deal to me.

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